Leaders and Patrols

Our Troop is Boy led and run using the Patrol Method.

Click on the patrol patches for the individual patrol pages

Here are the Scout Leaders:


Mason N.OA

Alex W.OA

Radioactive Dingos Patrol

Caleb K.

Braeden G.(D)
Joseph F.OA(i) Mark K.(S) Hawkeye R.OA
  Caleb T.(L)  
Alien Dentists Patrol

Alex W.

Evan W.(C)
Michael F. Grant L.(Q) Liam M. (i)
Timothy F.OA Jonathan R. (G) Alex T.(B)

Atomic Taco Patrol

Luke F.

Davyn W.
Hayden B.(H) Aaron C. Sam S.
Liam S.(D)   Eric W.

Scorpion Patrol
OA = Member, Order of the Arrow
(i) = Instructor
(L) = Troop Librarian
(S) = Troop Scribe
(Q) = Troop Quartermaster
(H) = Troop Historian
(G) = Troop Guide
(B) = Bugler
(C) = Chaplain Aide
(D) = Den Chief
(W) = Webmaster
(oa) = Order of the Arrow Troop Representative
(ASPL) = Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
(JASM) = Junior Assistant Scoutmaster
(LNT) = Leave No Trace Trainer