Wreath Sales/Production Logistics


Here are the sign-up details for wreath sales:
  1. Go to the "Wreath Sales" sheet at the LINK at the bottom of this list.
  2. Sign up for Bough Cutting camping trip if possible (it's a great opportunity for scouts to earn frost points too!).  Put an X next to your name in the Bough Cutting column (column B on Wreath Production sheet)
  3. Sign up for at least 2 sales events
  4. ADULTS!!!  We need 2 adult volunteers for each sales event.  Please sign up for 1 or 2 of the events at the bottom of the list
Sign-up sheet:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AhIE1E7gWlO1dHhTY293ai1YZmxHVVVDclFQT21ZTFE


We are trying a new method this year to sell wreaths.  A web form has been created here:
Please encourage people to use this form to request a wreath(s) and we will have the scouts follow up with them to solidify the sale.  Here is how a sale from the web form will work:
  1. Person given URL and fills out form
  2. A notification will be sent to myself and Tim Giltinan that a new order has been submitted
  3. The scout that is selected will be notified.  If not scout is selected, then we will begin distributing the leads to the scouts starting in alphabetical order
  4. Scout needs to follow up with lead to confirm when the wreath will be delivered
  5. Scout needs to build wreath and deliver wreath AND COLLECT $ for the wreath


In addition to this, we are coordinating nights to build wreaths.  Here are the sign-up details for wreath production:
  1. Go to the "Wreath Production" sheet at the LINK at the bottom of this list.
  2. Once you have sold some wreaths, sign up for a wreath production night (please limit production to 5 scouts per night.  Any more than this and there are scouts without work to do due to limitations in production speed).  You are making your own wreaths this year, so you are responsible for the quality of your wreath (let's make great wreaths this year!).
  3. There will be a tally sheet at the Nash residence where wreath production will occur.  YOU MUST MARK DOWN THE # OF WREATHS THAT YOU MAKE
  4. ADULTS!!!  We need 2 adult volunteers for each production event.  Please sign up for 1 or 2 of the events at the bottom of the list as your scout finds the need to build wreaths.  Also, we will look to you for your guidance in Quality Assurance of the wreaths being created AND helping the scouts to keep track of the # of wreaths that were produced and by whom
Sign-up sheet:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AhIE1E7gWlO1dHhTY293ai1YZmxHVVVDclFQT21ZTFE

Production will be occurring this year at the Nash residence.  They have a heated garage!  :-)  Their address and their wreath-making guidelines will be sent out in a forthcoming email.  If you've never built a wreath before, please talk to one of the senior scouts and identify a time when they can help you learn how to build a wreath.  Or, send out an email to this list and see who is available.  Or, if those don't work, reach out to myself or Matt or Jerry and we would be glad to set up a night to come show you.


Click here to see all of the current date options for wreath sales and production.  This list will change. 


Finally, here are the details about collecting $:
  1. All scouts are responsible for collecting $ for each wreath they sell.  You can collect it at the time of sale, or at the time of delivery, but you must collect the money.
  2. When you collect the money, you will need to arrange to have it delivered to me.  Bring it by any day or night before 7:00 PM if you'd like.  Otherwise, bring it to a troop meeting or coordinate having someone bring it to me.
  4. When you bring me your money, please put it in a sealed envelope with a) Scout Name, b) $ amount contained in envelope.  I WILL NOT ACCEPT loose cash/checks this year, they need to be in an envelope with the above information.

Please email the Troop email address if you have questions and I will reply promptly and update this site with any additional pertinent information as it becomes available.