Here are the current ranks* of our Troop members.   [Click on each patch for link to advancement requirements.]
Mason N.

 First Class

Noah K.
Nathan R.
Cam E.
Sam S.
Michael W.
Mitchell W.
Zachary Y.
Tanner C.


Harrison H.
Cody S.
Owen S.
Ashton F.


Evan W.
Frank J.
Timothy F.
Braeden G.
Liam S.
Liam M.
Eric W.
Luke F.
Hayden B.
Adam B.
Matthew M.
Ethan N.

Daniel W.
Matthew W.
Tanner G.
Gavin T.
Joe B.
Caleb D.


Liam C.
Ethan G.
Henry S.
Perry N.

Second Class

Xobliam Y.
Carl V.
Anthony J.
Eric M.
Marek J.

Matt Nieberger,
Jan 23, 2017, 3:54 PM